DuckPark io

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How to play:

DuckPark io is an exciting action game in which you have to control a rubber ducky and race down a water slide towards the bath. Push enemies off the track!

Can you be the first duck to join the bathing pool? Use boosters and techniques to get into the tub before your duck opponents. The race is relatively simple because you don't have to turn corners in this game. However, you can catch ducks and knock other ducks off the track to win points and seize the lead by going from left to right. DuckPark's ability to fly off the edge of the way for a tremendous advantage is another unique feature. That is, assuming you can get it out. If you fall to the ground, the game is over, and your duck will shake its head in disdain. Another way to fly off the edge is to use boosters around the track.

Features of DuckPark io

  • Simple and competitive gameplay
  • Fly to other parts of the track
  • Knock other players off the edge to get ahead
  • Upgrade your duck with a new look

How to control

  • Use Left and Right Arrows or Click and Move left and right to move the duck left and right
  • Fast movement left and right to jump off the slide
Have Fun!