Electron Dash

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How to play:

Electron Dash is a lively running game about an astronaut traveling in a space tunnel. Try to overcome all obstacles during the run to gain the score dreamy.

Starting the game you will experience a pleasant run with few hurdles but you still need to choose solid platforms to move. Move to the light blue background as little as possible. During the run, you will also need to combine jumping skills and moving to the sides to overcome difficult sections. The further you run, the more difficult the game becomes. You can't move as easily as at the top of the tunnel. Use your skills and experience to pass each stage with ease.

Besides, you need to pay special attention to the foundations that make up the tunnel, which is something you should pay attention to because they are not perfect. The platforms will not be connected in a row to create an easy path, but on the contrary, it will create many holes in several different locations. They will easily collapse when you touch them. So this is something that you need to keep in mind during the run.

There is a special feature included in the game that this game will give you a second chance to continue your journey. On the way, you will see red hearts, collect them to improve your score in the best way. Remember to collect as many red hearts as possible.

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  • Use the AD key or left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Use the W key or spacebar or up arrow key to jump.
Have Fun!