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How to play:

Knife fighting brings many thrilling feelings to players thanks to many knife battles. You need to have a lot of powerful knives before entering the match.

Get the victory in

Merge the knives

On the home interface, you will see your character and your kinds of knives. You can use your coins to buy low-level knives. Then, you can merge the identical knives together. From that, you can get a new kind of knife which is stronger.

Expand your amount of knives

When you are ready for a fight, you will be sent to a playground. Many other players also are here and they will fight together. To be the final winner, you must collect any items on the ground. They can help you own more knives. You can attack the other players if you have more knives than them. It's better to run away when you have fewer knives than them. You will be the winner if you are the last survivor or have the most knives. The timer is limited, so be quick.

Some other features in

  • You can claim many useful rewards after you complete some daily missions.
  • Don't forget to follow the top players worldwide in a leaderboard.
Have Fun!