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How to play: is a survival game where players control a bug, collect fruits to grow stronger, battle against other animals, and evolve into a dragon. 

Game Rules

This game is all about survival and evolution. You start as a small bug at the beginning of the game. You must move around, and collect snacks and delicious fruits around to grow and evolve. Once you are stronger enough, you can attack smaller animals and eliminate them from the match.

The main goal of the game is to become the mightiest critter in the arena! Watch out because there are many opponents and they will also try to take you down. 

One advice for you is that you should focus on collecting food and evolving at the early stage. Because in this period, you are too weak to defeat any animals. 

There is an Evolution bar at the bottom of the screen that shows your status. Once this bar is full, you can evolve into a stronger animal. And each one has special skills that you can take advantage of to defeat other players. There is a total of 30 animals in the game. 


  • Move with your mouse.
  • Left-click to hit.
  • Right-click to use the skill.


  • 30 animals to evolve
  • Awesome colorful graphics
  • Survival and animal evolution gameplay
  • Different skills to unlock
Have Fun!