Flappy Royale

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How to play:

Join the exciting game called Flappy Royale. Control your bird through the water pipes. This is a difficult game for new players and will test your patience.

Flappy Royale is a game with simple but vivid graphics and sounds. In this exciting physics game, you control a bird that flies through water pipes while competing against 100 other players to see who can survive the longest. This game blends the nervousness of a fun game with the competition of a survival fighting game, which keeps players hooked on this challenge.

Free play mode

Players compete in a free-for-all mode with up to 100 other players and a daily scoring system to see who can get through the most pipes.


To fly, you can control your bird by clicking the mouse or on the screen. Each click makes a small bird jump, then it free-falls. By clicking at the perfect time to avoid the water pipes, you must keep the bird flying.

Have Fun!