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For gamers who love gardening, is a fun game for you. A small flower must be controlled while trying to pick up other seeds and flowers to become larger.

Special Features

Graphics in the game are beautiful, vivid and smooth. You will be mesmerized by the vibrant floral scenery, lighting and effects. The flowers are also made in a variety of designs and colors, adding to the richness and variety.

Three appealing game modes are available for you to pick from, including freestyle, team fight, and survival. You may encounter a variety of settings that call for adaptability and creativity in the selection and use of your flowers.

Attractive, engaging and difficult gameplay is also a fan-favorite aspect of this game. To move, dodge, attack and defend, you must use skill and strategy. In addition, you need to be wary of potentially harmful enemies such as flowers larger than you, bees or ants. In addition, you can make friends with other flowers for cooperation or competition.

Have Fun!