Geometry Dash Meltdown

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How to play:

Geometry Dash Meltdown is a classic obstacle course developed from the original game Geometry Dash. Join the game to develop reflex skills and achieve the best.

If you have ever participated in the Geometry Dash game before, coming to this game you still have to remember one rule to conquer this game to avoid all obstacles on the way that you go. The roads are not easy when there are constantly dangerous obstacles that stand in your way such as sawteeth and scary monsters. At any rate, you must not let the cubes collide with them. Just a small collision can destroy your cube. Will you overcome all the challenges in the game, let's join the game now!

In the game, you will discover 3 different unique levels Viking Arena, Seven Sea, and Airborne Robots. Each of these stages will have different unique scenes and obstacles. However, you must avoid all of them while collecting items like keys along the route. To see how far you have come along the way you can look at the progress. This will help you to know how far you will reach the finish line. In Viking Arena mode, you can also illuminate the path to make it easier to see.

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  • Eye catching colorful unique graphics
  • Fast paced game
  • Exciting sounds in each level of play
  • Hundreds of valuable skins for you to discover


  • Use the left mouse button or the up arrow key to jump over obstacles.
  • Press the Z key to set the checkpoints
  • Press the X key to clear the last check
Have Fun!