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How to play:

To control your bacteria in this game you use the arrow keys or WASD. - The survival world of bacteria is a fun IO game that simulates the world of microorganisms. You are a bacteria in this world. Your task is to eat smaller bacteria to become the biggest bacteria.

Game graphics

You will play a game with beautiful basic 2D graphics. Bacteria are represented by green dots. You can decorate your bacteria character with the accessories found in the store.

Become the biggest bacteria

At a map in that includes multiple players. Each player corresponds to a bacteria. That's why this is a fierce battle for survival.

When you first join the bacterial world, you are just a tiny bacterium. You need to quickly feed the green dots to grow in size. Once you become a big bacteria, you can attack other bacteria.

To survive in this world, you need a smart playing strategy. You should combine foraging, defense, and attacking opponents. Observe and analyze situations quickly to act most reasonably.

Have Fun!