Go Cross

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How to play:

Go Cross is a fun arcade game with the task of collecting all the breads and crossing the road safely to be the first winner. Experience all levels of play now!

With attractive 3D graphics, you will experience a particularly interesting running sport. On the field there will be characters with two colors blue and red, you will control the blue character to run and collect all the blue sandwiches available on the field. The more cakes you collect, your Lvl will be increased and your body will also grow bigger. Use that advantage to defeat orange enemies whose Lvl is lower than you. Pay attention not to hit opponents with higher Lvl than you or you will lose your life. A very important case that needs you to be more careful when crossing the street, the people crossing the other road will stab you to death if your Lvl is lower than theirs. Therefore, it is best to cross the road in the safest way to avoid collisions. Remember, the more sandwiches you collect and the more opponents you defeat, the higher your gold coins will be. Then you will unlock many new attractive items for your character.

Game Tips

There is a little trick for you when collecting sandwiches, pay attention to the opponents who are close to the road because they can cross the road and reach the finish line at any time. Therefore, eliminate them with powerful punches immediately.


Stunning, creative 3D graphics. Many levels for you to explore and experience. Besides, there are also items such as hats for you to unlock. The gameplay is simple, it makes you can spend hours crossing the street in your own way.

How to play

Use the mouse to control the character.

Have Fun!