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How to play:
  • You use the mouse to control the character's gaze. Change by left-clicking.
  • You move left and right, jumping with the arrow keys.

Participate in funny gunfights is an exciting multiplayer gun battle game. You can participate in gunfights with powerful gunmen. Wonderfully designed terrains are waiting for you.

Meme character

You control a smiling meme icon that represents the main character. Your opponents are other memes that are also quite funny. You can see bear gunmen, angry faces,... there are many other funny memes in this game.

Diverse combat terrain

You will be fighting in a rugged terrain. Includes many trees and rock formations.

How to make your meme shooter a winner

You need to try to concentrate highly and react quickly when your opponent approaches you. Move and jump continuously so that your opponent cannot hit you.

In addition to shooting, you can also exploit to expand your base. Or you can search for valuable items to upgrade your weapons.

Have Fun!