Hand Spinner IO

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How to play:

Hand Spinner IO is an attractive action game in which you will control a spinner to participate in a battle. Knock down other players off the field!

In this game, your task is to knock all the other spinners out of the circle and become the last one standing. Fight hard in this multiplayer game! Each time you kill an opponent, your level will increase with larger size and more damage. Note that you can buy upgrades to upgrade your spinner. Upgrade and make your spinner the most powerful spinner!

You will transform into a spinner that automatically spins continuously. You just drag your mouse to move the spinner to the sides and push your enemies. Try to destroy as many other rivals as possible!

Thanks to its engaging gameplay, simple mechanics and easy controls, this game is suitable for all ages. In addition, it will give you moments of relaxation and entertainment with this addictive fighting game. Good luck!

Features of Hand Spinner IO

  • The attractive fighting action game
  • Multiplayer
  • Upgrade your spinner to become stronger

How to play

  • Drag your mouse
Have Fun!