Helix Jumping

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How to play:

Helix Jumping an addictive game with fastball rotation. In this fun game, you control a ball that bounces up and down continuously. Control the ball to fall down the lower ladder through available cracks. Avoid letting the ball hit dangerous squares of different colors from the background. Try to touch the blue super fast arrows you will have the amazing speed to defeat all obstacles and many different levels.

The game has many different levels of play, each level will have certain challenges that you need to overcome. The points you earn after each level can be used to unlock new skins.

The game can be used on smart electronic devices such as computers, phones, Ipad.

Use the mouse to move the tower

Helix Jumping is an exciting game through a flexible spiral tower maze. There are also some very attractive ball games such as Pull Pin, FGP Bubble Shooter, Ball Picker 3d, ... Hope you will have moments of relaxation with these interesting games.

Have Fun!