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How to play:

If you love survival gunfights, the game is for you. Control your little warrior to participate in gunfights with many powerful opponents.

How to play

In the 2D battle royale game, players compete to be the last ones standing on a battlefield full of enemies. 

To start playing you must choose a certain game mode or find a match.

You will start the game with a warrior wearing a helmet. Choose a landing location by looking at the map and then jump down.

To get the items, find the light boxes and destroy them. Various tools and weapons will be available for you to strengthen your character. Remember that as the map gets smaller, players will have to relocate to a safer place. Being the last one standing is the goal.

The game has vivid animation effects and stunning 2D graphics.

This game will train your reflexes. Players must think quickly and decisively as matches move quickly.

To increase their power, players can explore the map to find various weapons and equipment.

New features and performance improvements are often added to the game.


  • To control your warrior's movements, use the WASD keys.
  • To aim and shoot, use left click.
  • The Shift key or Space key can be used to avoid enemy attacks.
  • To interact with objects on the map, press the F key.
  • Press M, V, or G to display your map.
Have Fun!