Hide and Seek | The Original HNS Stickman Game

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How to play:

Hide and Seek | The Original HNS Stickman Game is an interesting multiplayer game. Play a hide or seek to complete the mission after each level.

Discover the exciting gameplay of the game here. You have 2 options. If you play the role of a fugitive, you will have to run away from the seeker's search range. Avoiding the searcher's reach is also a very sophisticated technique. Others are also running away with you, pushing them into the seeker's field of vision. Within 30 seconds if you are out of sight of the finder, you will win. If you're playing the seeker, pay attention to clues that can help you figure out where the fugitive is. For example, footprints or the way the door is moving will definitely be there. Quickly run to those positions immediately. You will have to concentrate very hard to search within 30 seconds you have to find enough people you will win. The number of players you find will be displayed after the end of the turn. Whether you choose to be a hider or a seeker, try to collect all the gold coins available on the battlefield.

Explore all the levels included in the game. With each level you will discover different attractive battlegrounds, sometimes you are not running but swimming. Will you explore all the levels in this game? Get started right now!


3D graphics with many attractive and unique structures. Many interesting levels for you to explore. Play in real-time for 30 seconds. Easy and addictive gameplay.

How to play

Use WASD to move. This joystick applies to both hiders and seekers.

Have Fun!