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How to play:

The way to play this game is similar to the game Hole IO. You just need to use the mouse to move your black hole.


Start your journey to explore the world of moving holes in the fun game It is inspired by the famous game Hole IO. Let's start playing this new version!

Game missions

As the 'Black Hole Master', eat all you can in this city.

Playing strategy

Buildings, items, and streets can all be swallowed into the black hole. To take first place, you can also engage in combat with other black holes.

Some features of this game

To motivate yourself, you can choose between 12 stages and 5 different game modes.

Some tips in

  • Try to eat quickly to increase size. When you are old enough, you can eat large objects like buildings.
  • You should avoid black holes larger than you because they can destroy you at any time.
  • When facing opponents, you should use obstacles such as cars, trees, and overpasses to shield your black hole.
  • The easiest way for your black hole to consume nearby structures and items is to teleport it in the opposite direction of the clock.
Have Fun!