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How to play: is one of the most loved io games by many players. In this game, you will experience a difficult challenge when fighting in fierce battles.

Are you ready to fight in the thrilling action game You will enjoy a great game with 3D graphics and team action. You can join either red or blue factions and choose one of four character types, including warrior, mage, archer, or healer. In this war, your goal is to track down creatures, eliminate enemies, and improve your abilities. You can also enter competitions and arenas to show off your skills.


  • You can move your character with WASD
  • Make a jump with the spacebar
  • Look around with the mouse and attack with the left mouse button
  • 1234 keys can also be used to activate your skills.


For more power, collect lots of items. On the map or from creatures you can find things like armor, weapons, rings, necklaces, or pets. In addition, you can exchange goods with other players.

Have Fun!