Hug and Kis City

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How to play:

Hug and Kis City is a fun arcade game. Come to this game to experience the adventures of two characters. Collect keys and overcome obstacles to open the exit.

Overcome obstacles and collect keys. Control your two characters to the destination safely. Jump and avoid touching dangerous zombies. Take advantage of jump cushions to jump to high platforms. After getting the key, move towards the door to proceed to the next level. This game has many different levels with separate maps. Each map presents different challenges for you to experience. Will you be able to pass and conquer all the levels in this game? Let's start the game and show your skills!

Remember to collect gold coins along the way to get the highest score possible.

Hug and Kis are lost in a maze. Help them to escape from this dangerous place full of deadly zombies.

Features of Hug and Kis City

  • The attractive running game
  • Invite your friends to play together
  • Collect gold coins and keys

How to control

  • Use arrow key to control Hug
  • Use WASD to control Kis
Have Fun!