Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

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How to play:

Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is a fierce fighting game of mutant sharks in the ocean. Become the biggest shark by catching all the other fish.

When darkness approaches, the ocean is completely engulfed in darkness, 20 players have been dropped here to search for food, and destroying other opponents is your goal in this game. To enlarge yourself, you have 30 seconds to consume as many fish as you can. The participants can then start attacking each other. Rush into other players to slide them to pieces while avoiding the mines. Before anyone else rushes in and takes the slices, quickly eat the opponent you've taken down. The shark that stays the longest wins! As you hunt and evolve your shark, it will become the ocean's biggest predator. Maintain your position at the top of the food chain by killing other players. Try to survive this brutal war under the ocean.

Tips for playing

Make cautious to steer clear of the larger sharks because you can only attack those that are smaller than you. You may unlock additional monsters and mutant sharks by using the cash you acquire.


  • Graphics depicting the dark under the ocean vividly.
  • The spooky version of Ubisoft's popular multiplayer arena.
  • Join the devastating attack on the ocean floor.
  • Simple, addictive gameplay.


Move the mouse to swim around and left-click to attack the other fish

Have Fun!