Impossible Bottle Flip

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How to play:

In Impossible Bottle Flip, you have to touch the bottle to flip it and stand upright on the objects in the house to play the game. To cross the finish line, you have to jump over the obstacles. You can choose the difficulty level and test your mettle with amazing bottle flips.

Game Introduction

In the skill game Impossible Bottle Flip, you have to flip a water bottle so that it stands firmly on objects in the house to be able to move forward without falling. 15 levels of difficulty await you as you try to master the bottle flip.


  • When you touch the bottle, it will bounce at the ideal distance and angle.
  • Avoid pressing too hard or too lightly, as doing so may cause the bottle to spill or not reach the target.
  • The strength and direction of the bottle can be affected by objects in the house, so pay attention to them.
  • To improve your bottle flipping, test your talent in more difficult stages.
Have Fun!