Jetpack Joyride

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How to play:

Jetpack Joyride enters the endless world with amazing jumps. In the game, you will control a character wearing a powerful jet suit. Your mission is to control your character through a series of dangerous obstacles such as zappers, rockets, and intense lasers, to collect all the coins floating in the air. The character has no control over his speed in this game, and the jet-set only allows the character to go up and down along the vertical axis. Clicking the screen you will jump up along the vertical axis, otherwise, the character will fall freely.

Players can lose their lives at any time by touching dangerous obstacles. On the way there are yellow "Spin Tokens" appear, collect them. At the end of each level, there will be redemption times at a slot machine, where you will receive different prize values ​​such as reviving players and explosives that can push the player's body a distance later. at death, coins, prize codes, ...


Click on the screen to jump up.

The game was released in 2011 created by Halfbrick Studios and used on different platforms such as phones, computers, Ipad.

Have Fun!