Jumper Starman

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How to play:

Jumper Starman is an animated 2D game where the character jumps in space, jumping on different platforms to collect items and stay out of danger.

This game allows the player to choose the desired difficulty setting to suit their play style. There are 3 basic choices Easy, Medium and Hard. Try them all and decide which works best. Comfortable controls and adjustable difficulty make any Jumper Starman game frustrating. Enjoy it at any desired speed and help the hero climb as high as possible.


  • Make use of the items around you as a mode of transportation. Warm up the character by jumping on the jump board and landing on foes.
  • To increase your score, collect stars and brilliant letters.
  • There aren't any limitless stages, and there's always a method to get to the summit. Without running out of resources, find it. To make the task simpler, look for several perks.


  • Use W, A, and D or Arrow keys to walk and jump.
  • Hold the Space key to hover and lower it slowly.
Have Fun!