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How to play:

Kiomet is a strategy game where players must capture areas, protect the kingdom from the enemy, and try to claim as much territory as possible.

How to play Kiomet game

  • Expand territory

The goal of the game is to expand your territory and become the most powerful player in the arena. To do that, you have to send forces to conquer and capture towers.

  • Upgrade towers

To become more powerful, you must upgrade your towers. Simply click on it and click on an available upgrade. Upgrades have their own requirements list next to them.

  • Protect the King

At the same time, you must try to protect your King. Losing it also means losing the game!

  • Supply lines

The special part of the game is the Supply lines. In order to create a supply line, click on a tower to open its menu then drag from the tower as normal. You know that you've succeeded when you the the resulting path has moving arrows. You can send units via the supply lines.

  • Form alliances

You can request or accept an alliance. As two players form alliances, that will prevent each side from attacking until it's broken.

Game Controls

WASD or arrow keys or drag right-click to move the camera view.

Drag your left mouse button to send forces to another area.

Have Fun!