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Lordz2 io an engaging territory-building game. The game is based on ancient kings, building up vast ramparts. You will be the control of those kings to build up a stronghold to fight enemies, expand the territory. First, build yourself a castle, then you can recruit basic units in the Unit Menu (U). Build Stables to receive Cavalry units, Academy for Mages, and Monster Temples for Dragons. Destroying other people's buildings will earn you more Gold and Victory Points. You will open new territories when you win.


  • Use WASD or Mouse Control: Move
  • E or Right-Click: Activate Power
  • Space: Split
  • B: Building menu, U: Unit menu, F: Formation menu, Y: Unit upgrade menu, V: Bonus video menu,
  • C: Reshape, M: Show Mini Map, L: Show Ranking
  • Esc pauses.
Have Fun!