Ludo Fever

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How to play:

Ludo Fever is an arcade game where you roll the dice to move your tokens to the destination. Besides, move your tokens and kick off the opponent's tokens.

In this game, your task is to help the tokens move to the destination. How do they move to the destination? You need to roll the dice and the number on the dice is the number of steps your token can move. When your tokens move to the same position as opponent's tokens, you can destroy their tokens. Be careful because the opponent can kick off your tokens, too. You can play the game alone or play with your friends, or your family. You can out the token on the race when there are 6 dots on the dice.

With the vivid graphics and easy gameplay, you can have a relaxing time with your friend and family. Keep in your mind that you need to move the tokens cleverly to avoid attacks from opponents.

Features of Ludo Fever

  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Fun and exciting game
  • Multi-players

How to control

  • Click the mouse on the dice to roll
Have Fun!