Master chess

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How to play:

Chess is a famous intellectual sport all over the world. Come to Master chess to conquer amazing chess levels. In this entertaining chess game, you can play 3 different modes to test your level.

In the mid-1990s, computer chess games appeared. In the world, chess is loved because it stimulates flexibility and the ability to conquer each person. In chess, there are typical pieces such as Pawn, Chariot, Knight, Bishop, Queen and King. Each chess piece has different paths. We recommend that you learn chess basics before playing online.

Modes available in the game:
1 on the same device
1 on 1 mode with AL
1 on 1 mode with online players.

In mode 1 on 1 with AL, you need to have flexible chess gameplay because playing against AL is an extremely difficult artificial opponent. Practice hard and you will become a worthy opponent of AL.

In the online 1 on 1 mode game where you can find yourself an opponent around the world. Log into the system, the system will arrange for you players quickly and effectively. From here you can make friends with anyone to join the classic chess match.

You can organize a private room to play chess with your friends. This is great if you have friends who also love chess and are not afraid to show off your level of chess.

Each turn is timed, so you have to think fast. The different moves each piece can make are marked - so you can make a wrong move.

Use the mouse to move the chess pieces to the squares.

Have Fun!