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How to play:
  • Left-click to display the square
  • Right-click to set the flag

About game

Welcome to a version of the Minesweeper game called Prove your professional mine detection skills by conquering this game.

Game goal

You aim to open all the squares in the level without opening mines.

Gaming rules

The player must click on them to see what is below the squares. Players use this information to determine the location of mines, which are displayed by a number representing the number of mines near that square.

Multiplayer mode

Multiple players can compete on the same board in the game. To clear the most mines at once, you can compete. Scoring involves removing mines without colliding with bombs.

Some tips in

Starting at the corner is a safe bet for you because there are usually fewer bombs in the middle of the board.

You must understand how to use flags wisely. To avoid touching bombs mark them with flags.

Determine the number of bombs in that area by analyzing the data on the opened squares. The number of mines surrounding a cell is indicated by the number on that cell. Use this knowledge to locate the bomb.

Move outside of safe limits. Expand from a tile you locate that is free of mine, as nearby tiles are likely safe as well.

You must play this game deliberately and think critically if you want to win. Don't rush to open your umbrella. Give your analysis enough time, then choose wisely.

Have Fun!