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How to play:
  • You use mouse operations to play this game.
  • Now let's begin the process of gathering, enhancing, building, and tearing down.
  • It is also possible to participate in impromptu battles with other players.

About is an endless fighting game with graphics and gameplay similar to Minecraft. Start building your empire or a fierce battle.

Game plot is an action game played in multiplayer mode without a fixed storyline. You can write your own story here. In a universe reminiscent of Minecraft, you can transform into a vandal, miner, warrior, or architect. You can connect with other players. You can also create original structures or compete for leadership.

Game graphics

One of the best aspects of the game is its graphics. The game's 3D environments are vibrant, intricate, and complex thanks to the use of voxel-style graphics. In the game, you can observe colorful lovely blocks, objects, characters, and effects.

How to play the game

  • First, you name your character, then click Join.
  • Use the mouse to move your character. To attack, use the left click. To run quickly, right-click.
  • Collect colored blocks to improve your abilities and weapons. You can use the left-click menu to build walls and other structures in an empty cell.
  • Engage in combat with other players while avoiding their attacks. You can get more power by using things like knives, saw blades, and bombs.
  • Try to rank up.
Have Fun!