Money Movers 3

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How to play:

Start the game is the escape story of dangerous criminals. They have escaped, in this Money Movers 3, you will transform into a police officer and dog companion, find and capture the names who have escaped from the prison. This dangerous job requires the companionship and great help of the dog. Let's help these two friends complete the task brilliantly!

Facing the two characters is a criminal with ferocious faces and scary tattoos. But criminals will be easily subdued by the dog. Therefore, the dog will be an effective assistant to the police. In the event that the police officer confronts the criminal without the dog's appearance, a bad thing will happen, the criminal will attack the police officer. Because at the moment the policeman did not carry a gun, but only brought a handcuff. In the area to find the criminal, police with the dog, it is necessary to have a good combination to help each other open up the best paths. The game also brings some interesting questions, requiring the player to quickly find the best path to where the criminal is hiding. On the way to catch criminals, collect bags of gold money that criminals have stolen.

The game has many different levels of play, each level will have different challenges that you need to overcome. Join now to conquer the game and complete the tasks in this game!


Money Movers 3 is developed by Meow Beast.

Release Date

November 2017

Features of the game

With vivid 2D images that have created funny characters, with 20 different levels for you to conquer. Especially, the game gives you wonderful moments of relaxation. Join your friends, play on the same keyboard that's awesome!


  • Use ASDW key to control control
  • Use arrow keys to control the dog
Have Fun!