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How to play: is a multiplayer game where you can play solo or as a team. Your mission is to collect, upgrade, build your base to survive against dangerous zombies.

Collect resources, construct a base, and battle zombies. Build innovative traps, improve your equipment, and climb your way to the GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS by defending your fortress from zombie hordes and other players using spikes and turrets. Is your DNA deserving of a chance to live? You'll have an impact on future generations. It's preferable if you have a lot of points. It's the most important thing to remember is You may use XP points to improve your character's abilities. That won't assist you if you run across a weak yet experienced opponent.

The night when the zombies attack you is the primary distinction between the two comparable games. There's also a store where you can stock up on amazing gear for your character. So, improve your weaponry and get ready to combat.

Play solo or join a clan to play and communicate with other players on full screen in your browser without having to download anything. The mobile version is currently being developed.


  • Use key WASD to move
  • Use key LMB to Attack
  • Use key E to toggle auto-attack
  • Damage your own resources while holding LEFT SHIFT
Have Fun!