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How to play:

Nitro is a fighting game in which you have to transform into hyperspace knights, fight by a lance, and beat all the levels. It's an addictive game!

This game is a fun battle arena between futuristic knights in the vast universe. Use your spear to knock out your competitors while staying away from their spears. You can collect power-ups and food along the way to increase your strength and speed. Note, do not go outside the wall. It's a dangerous area because you can die if you stay out there for too long. Equip the best seaplane and make your way to victory!

You can track your status at the top of the screen. There you can see the number of lives, the amount, and the number of kills of the opponent. Protect your life, kill as many enemies as possible to earn a lot of coins.

Features of Nitro

  • Singleplayer
  • Cool graphics and art animation
  • Earn coin to unlock new skin
  • Level up

Release Date

Feb 25, 2021

How to control

  • Use mouse to control
Have Fun!