Our World Of Pixels

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How to play:
  • Just click on an empty pixel on the artboard and choose the color you want to start drawing.
  • You can use the arrow keys or the mouse to move the drawing.
  • The + and - keys are used to zoom in or out on the artwork.
  • You type your message and press the T key to start a conversation with other players.
  • Pressing the G key and selecting an existing group or creating a new group, you can join drawing groups.
  • Holding down the H key, you can see more game features and shortcuts.

About Our World Of Pixels


Our World Of Pixels is a great game for coloring lovers. In this game, you are free to color to create your picture. Play this game in your free time.

Game rules

In the online creative game Our World Of Pixels, you and other users can collaborate to design pixels on a giant drawing board. You can use text, graphics, or anything else you want to create to express your artistic and creative side. Additionally, you can view and interact with other users' drawings. The game's graphics are simple but gorgeous with many colors and effects.

Creativity training game

You can collaborate with other players and use your imagination in this game. You can draw the most beautiful and spontaneous pictures. Additionally, you can view other people's paintings to explore worlds created by others. Below is a list of the most popular planets.

Have Fun!