Paint Hit

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How to play:

There is a 3D arcade game with easy controls called Paint Hit. Your task is to randomly color the surface of the circular cylinder by discharging the paint gun. This circular cylinder has random motion. Only light gray parts of the cylinder can be colored. If you color an already colored one, you lose. To complete the levels and get points you have to shoot fast and accurately.


You need quick and accurate reflexes to succeed in the game Paint Hit. Paintballs must be shot into the empty space of the cylinders, not on their pre-painted surface. Variations in cylinder size, speed, and direction must also be observed.

Some tips

  • Instead of moving quickly, you should take your time and pay attention. Each level will contain many variations, so you should shoot paintball lightly to improve your vision.
  • You should anticipate where the barriers will be. You must develop predictability because the location of the barriers will change constantly.
Have Fun!