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How to play:

Pixel is an exciting arcade game. Your mission is to collect bubbles to become bigger and fight other players. Survive until time's up!

This game is fun, where you control a tiny stickman with 3D visuals. The character requires your assistance in achieving the goal, but be aware that you may come across other players who wish to eliminate you.

Bubbles abound in the streets, and when they collide, they fight. You're a bubble man, too. To become more robust, you must collect many bubbles distributed along the road. Defeat the lesser bubble men and devour the bubbles they left behind. To survive longer, you must fight and defeat more bubble men! We can only purchase more time this way! Choose your opponent wisely. Otherwise, you may lose! It would be best if you stayed alive till the timer ran out.

Features of Pixel

  • Multiplayer
  • Vivid graphics and great art animation
  • Stickman battle

Release Date

  • Oct 20, 2021

How to control

  • Slide to play
Have Fun!