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How to play: is a fun battle game in which you have to poke other players with your spear and eliminate all enemies to be the last surviving person.

You transform into a minor character with a spear in this fun online game. You will match up with eight other players at the start of the game. You can collect food along the way to become stronger. Besides, your task is to use the spear to stab the players and destroy them. After killing, you can pick up the food left by the enemy. The more enemies kill, the more your strength increases and the higher your position on the leaderboard is. However, beware of players who are bigger than you. They can kill you, so stay away from them.

With beautiful graphics and significant effects, this game promises to bring great experiences to players. Get started now!

Features of

  • Multiplayer
  • Cool graphic and art animation
  • Unlock new character

Release Date

Jul 14, 2021

How to control

  • Use mouse to control
Have Fun!