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How to play: is a car hockey game where players team up with other cars and fight against the opponent team in exciting hockey matches. Try to score as many goals as possible and defend your goal!

Game Rules

Score and defend

Pucks io online game was designed for fans of car and hockey games! In this game, players can join intense hockey matches. However, instead of controlling a player, you must navigate a car. The match is set on a hockey rink. You must control your car, cooperate with your teammates, and try to hit a puck into the opposing team's net with your sticks to score points.

The teams are divided by car colors. One is blue and the other is red. Each team has 3 players.

The game starts with a faceoff at center ice, where the puck is dropped between two opposing teams. You must move the car around, and try to get the puck to cross the goal line of the opposing teams. Work with your teammates and pass the puck to your car teammates when they are in a better scoring position!

At the same time, you must try to defend your own goal!

There's a boost ability that you can use to speed up the car and get past your opponents. Use it right before you hit the puck to perform a strong shot!

Level Up

You can earn XP after each match and level up. As you get to a new level, you can unlock more car models with more powerful abilities.

Get an account

In, you can play anonymously just by entering a nickname. And you can select among numerous servers! However, if you want to save your progress, you can create a new account and log into your account when you play the game!

Game Controls

  • Use Arrow Keys or WASD to drive the car.
  • Press the Spacebar to boost speed.
  • Press Q to change the camera view.
  • Press Esc to open the game menu.
Have Fun!