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How to play: is a simple physics control game that explores the exciting arena space with attacks that determine who will be the winner in this game.

We are excited to share this game with you and are super excited about it as it is the first online ragdolls multiplayer game we have ever played and there are not many other games like it, it will be real. It's great to have a companion in this game.

Every day you visit our site and play a game where you will compete with players from all over the world using a locust dog, you will receive rewards in the form of money coins. When you start with just a single character named Declan, a cyborg, you can use cash to buy and then use new ragdolls. Each warrior also has unique attack, defense, and complexity stats. You may also encounter a ninja named Hazaki, a martial artist named Bastian, a warrior named Aaron, a deadly nurse named Joaquina, a pirate named Rafaelle, an alien, and a programmer named Abel.

You must defeat new characters in each level in the classic mode. To win, lower their health bar. When playing in endless mode, after you defeat one monster, another monster will appear for you to confront. You just have to keep playing to see how long you can last. As the dolls are challenging to handle, the battles are very violent, but we hope you succeed in each of them. Good luck and enjoy playing more multiplayer fighting games we created here for free!


  • Control the character with the mouse to destroy the enemy.
Have Fun!