Red Ball vs Green King

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How to play:

Red Ball vs Green King rescue game, the confrontation between two extremes. In this game, you will control the red ball to rescue your best friend, the pink ball. The pink ball is captured by the blue ball and locked up on the top floor of the tower. Your mission is to control the red ball through the 9 floors of the tower to rescue your friend. On each floor, there are 5 rooms where the red ball must find the key to open the door of each room. There are many obstacles that the red ball needs to overcome, collecting all the hearts contained in each room.

The higher you get, the higher the difficulty increases, you need the best skill to fight to the end, to rescue your best friend. The game is suitable for all ages. Games that help train resilience and do not give up. Let's experience this interesting game.


Use arrow keys to interact

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