Rich City

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How to play:

You control your businessman to move using the arrow keys.

About Rich City

Join the game Rich City, where you can explore and make friends with other players. Selling and exchanging NFT things is the way you need to generate revenue.

Activities for you

You can also participate in other activities in the Rich City game, like racing, shooting, gambling, etc. Your money can also be used to purchase real estate and furnish it as you see fit. You will have to face countless obstacles and tasks in the game to receive rewards. Your character can be customized and you can get new outfits, accessories, and abilities. There will be regular updates to the game with new features and content.

Tips for you

The three character classes available to you are Trader, Racer, and Assassin. Each class has its abilities and benefits. If you want, you can also change classes afterward.

You can use GOLD, a secondary currency, to purchase consumable items such as food, ammunition, and gasoline. By completing quests, participating in events, and trading with other players, you can get RICH and GOLD.

The game has many attractive features

  • NFT Market: where NFT goods can be bought and sold, including clothing, weapons, cars, and more. Additionally, you can use in-game design tools to create your own NFT products.
  • Real Estate: Where real estate can be bought and sold, including houses, apartments, villas, etc. Additionally, you are free to display your NFTs and design your estate as you see fit.
  • Social: Where other players can meet and become friends. Additionally, you can join events, groups, chats, and other social activities.
  • Activities: where you can participate in sports, gambling, shooting, and other activities. Additionally, you can challenge other players and win prizes.
Have Fun!