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How to play:

Join the robot war in game now! Control your robot in this intense, dramatic battle. Try to compete and defeat other robots to win.

Game missions

Your task in is to control a robot to win the war. You can play as a member of one of four teams. Each team is represented by a distinct color. When eliminating enemies, your goal is to assist your team in controlling most or all of the five capture points on the map. Assist your team in controlling points on the battlefield and eliminating opponents using your abilities and strategy.

Game characters

The game's robots are created to represent a variety of gameplay and strategy options. A variety of upgrades and weapons are available for you to customize your battle robot to suit your aesthetic.

Controls and tips

To play this game you need to know how to control your character and some tips:

How to control the robot

  • The W, A, S, and D keys are used to control your robot.
  • To aim, use the mouse. To shoot left and right, use the left and right mouse buttons.
  • To accelerate, press the Space key.
  • To display the shield, press the Shift key.
  • To access the shop menu, press B.
  • To adjust audio, full screen, or quality settings, press Esc.

Game tips

Destroying opponents and gaining points will give you XP experience points. You can use these points to purchase beneficial upgrades. You can repair damaged robots in small repair cabins located in the corners of the map.

Try out different weapons to determine which one is best for you. Shotguns perform best when fired at close range to the target. The grenade can bounce off walls and cause indirect damage to enemies. Small fires are caused by flamethrowers and are capable of burning robots. Be careful to avoid walking into your fire. To slow down opponents, use it.

Have Fun!