Run Boys

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How to play:

Run Boys is a 3D running game with new graphics. Control the animal you own to overcome the challenge. Your goal is to be the first to reach the finish line.

Entering the game you will see a large space. This space can accommodate dozens of game participants. When everyone is at the end of the game, start running as fast as you can. Don't get bumped too much into the obstacles that stand in your way. Because they will make you fall behind. Compete with other players for the best moves. In the first round, the first 20 people to the finish line will be able to continue playing in the next challenges.

The game has no levels but the game will let you experience the feeling of the winners. Because the winners will be able to play many different types of games to find the only one to win. Are you ready to enter the match right now?


  • 3D graphics
  • Many characters for you to choose
  • Obstacles that challenge your mobility
  • The game competes with many other players in the world
  • Easy controls


Use the WASD keys to move the character

Have Fun!