Run Race 3D

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How to play:

Run Race 3D is a fun game with stickman characters. Your mission is to compete with other players and show off your ultimate parkour skills.

Player's Mission

You will participate in an exciting parkour skill competition with other players. You will climb a rope, slide to go faster, flip to jump higher, grip to swing, and use a monkey stick to avoid falling. Go on! There are many maps, and each map requires a specific set of abilities. By outperforming your competitors, you can increase your ranking. Also, you can change the skins, outfits, jumps, etc of your character!


  • You need to master all the necessary skills for the character. Hold to move, slide to avoid obstacles, power up to accelerate, then jump over the trampoline to fly.
  • To jump higher, flip as you jump. This can reduce the distance between you and your opponent or allow you to traverse higher routes.
  • When you come across ropes or monkey bars, grab them to swing. As a result, you will move faster and avoid falling into the water.
  • When you reach the slopes, slide. This will allow you to move faster without losing your balance.
  • More coins and gems can be collected to reveal new characters
Have Fun!