Sea Dragons

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How to play:

Play Sea Dragon game to enjoy the fierce battle of sea dragons. Control your dragon to eat as many other small creatures as possible to become the biggest.

The dragons in the video game Sea Dragons are legendary animals that live at the bottom of the ocean and can consume underwater creatures to grow bigger and stronger. You can choose from three different types of sea dragons throughout the game, each with their own unique characteristics. Choose a type of sea dragon with characteristics that suit your playing style.


To dominate the ocean, your goal is to control your sea dragon to fight other sea dragons. To get bigger and stronger, you must eat aquatic animals. By completing quests, you can receive new cards and unlock various sea dragons. To avoid being eliminated from the game, you must be careful. Don't let your head come into contact with another sea dragon's body.


One of the special aspects of the Sea Dragons game is the multiplayer mode. Online competitions are always attractive and dramatic. Additionally, you can compare your skills with those of players around the world. To begin your quest, choose one of three sea dragon breeds.

Have Fun!