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How to play:
  • WASD or arrow keys are used to control your character.
  • Use left mouse button, aim, and shoot.
  • To place a wall, use the right mouse button.
  • Hold Shift key to accelerate.

About game is an interesting survival strategy game. Can you survive in this fierce battle? You can freely show off your driving, sliding, and shooting abilities here.

Game missions

In, you aim to destroy everything on your way to earn money and increase bonuses. To get great prizes, you can also search for players with the biggest bonuses.

Game strategy

In addition to driving cars, you can fight with other players. At the same time, destroy the surrounding environment and erect walls to create obstacles. By taking down opponents and disturbing the game environment, you can move up the rankings.

Some tips in

Be aware of your surroundings. Use destructible terrain to your advantage to put opponents in dangerous positions.

Consider your attacks and movements carefully. The goal is to avoid your opponent's attacks and surprise them with a move.

You may only have a limited amount of resources. Use them wisely and avoid running out of money at critical times.

Balance attack and defense to avoid becoming your opponent's target. Be prepared to modify your plan of attack.

Have Fun!