Slither Space

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How to play:

You change the snake's movement direction by moving the mouse.

Introduction to the Slither Space game

Slither Space is a fun game inspired by the famous game In this game, you can participate in an exciting survival battle of small snakes.


The Slither Space game has charming graphics. The area you move is a black background. Colorful snakes will appear on the black background. In addition, the food is also simulated cutely and outstandingly. Many types of favorite foods include candy, hamburgers, ice cream cones, cherries, cheese,...

Your duties

Your goal in this game is to become the longest snake on the map. It would be best if you controlled your snake skillfully. In addition, you need to have a reasonable playing strategy to be able to make money quickly.

Some tips in the game Slither Space

  • In the beginning, focus on collecting stars to increase your snake's size quickly.
  • When attacking other snakes, especially larger ones, use caution. Tactically use the boost button to your advantage when attacking or defending.
  • Keep track of your snake's mass. Excessive acceleration can put you at risk of losing power.
  • Increase your speed to attack other snakes by pressing the button when they move in the same direction. You need to be careful because other snakes will suddenly come back to attack you.
  • Wrap around snakes that are smaller than you when you are a big snake. Then wait until they are destroyed, then eat all their food. This will assist you in preventing theft of your food supplies.
  • Locate the larger snake and approach it from the middle or tail when you are the smaller snake. This will keep you safer and allow you to consume the stars left behind by the big snake.
Have Fun!