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How to play: is a combination of slither io game mechanics and Minecraft theme. Players control a pixelated snake, navigate around the Minecraft-like world, collect blocks, and dominate the arena to win.

How to play

The game sets in a Minecraft world with blocky snakes and pixelated surroundings.

Players control a snake, move around, and find and eat Minecraft blocks to grow. There are also diamond blocks. Collecting them can give you the maximum number of points.

Another way to increase your score is to defeat other snakes. Once they are eliminated, you can consume blocks to grow.

Try to grow the biggest slither and take over the top of the leaderboard.


To kill other snakes, get them to hit your body or throw TNT at them to decrease their HP. If you use the speed-up function at the right time, you can stop the enemy's way. In this case, they won't be able to react quickly to avoid hitting you. However, when you use this function, the length of the snake will also be reduced.

There is also another way to beat the enemies is to trap them with your long tail and make them unable to survive.

Different blocks give players different points. And diamond blocks are worth the most points.


Use the mouse to move.

Press the left mouse button to speed up.

Press the right mouse button to throw TNT.

Press Enter to chat.


  • Minecraft graphics
  • Slither io gameplay
  • TNT
  • Different blocks with different points
  • Skin customizable and various skin options
Have Fun!