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How to play: is a tank shooter io game in which players drive a tank and battle against other players. Join intense melee combats and smash your way to victory.

How to play

The game takes place in a vast 3D world. Your goal is to navigate your tank around, shoot down other tanks, and defeat as many players as possible. And to survive, you also need to run and hide to defend yourself from fire and bullet attacks.

There's a health bar above your tank. You will die when it comes down to zero. And you can respawn again. The player with the most points at the end of the match is the champion. As you explore the surroundings, you can find a health boost which can increase your health points.

Always watch your back because someone behind may attack you.

Play the game, win the match to earn gems, and buy new tanks. The game offers 23 different tanks to choose from. Each tank features different cannon stats of damage, fire rate, recoil, and heal on hit. You can also customize the colors of the tank body and cannon.


  • WASD to move.
  • Left-click to shoot.
  • Mouse to aim.
Have Fun!