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One of the most loved snake games that you cannot ignore is You will be surviving in a fierce snake world. Your job is to move and eat the bait. To climb to the top of the scoreboard and grow into a giant snake, you must consume colorful foods to make yourself bigger and kill other snakes. Modern art and the most traditional snake game elements are combined in One of the highlights of the game is the graphics. The colorful and lively snakes in this game are created with simple, contemporary art. Start as a small worm and try to eat your way. Try to beat the scores of other players as you fly through the farming fields. Let's start the game and see how far you can go in the snake kingdom!

The Survivors

  • When your snake just started its survival journey in the game, its size is quite small. You will not be noticed by many competitors.
  • So take advantage of this opportunity to make a quick buck.
  • When you have reached a certain length, you can make a tactical attack on snakes that are smaller than you. You can surround them and finish them, then collect all the loot of your opponent.
  • In addition, you need to be careful with large snakes. They can target you and surround you at any time.
Have Fun!