SongTrivia 2

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How to play:

SongTrivia 2 is a fun game for music lovers. Your task in this game is to listen to the music, then guess the name of the song or artist and choose the correct answer. In this game, if you are someone who knows many songs, that is a big advantage for you. When playing the game SongTrivia 2, you can both listen to good music and guess the name of the song and artist in a fun way. If you have difficulty guessing the name of a certain song, you can ask for help from your friends or relatives. This is a game suitable for many people to play together.


  • Please choose the music topic you love the most and the music period closest to you to be able to listen to the music closest to you.
  • Once you have thought of the correct answer, you should choose as quickly as possible to achieve a higher score.
  • Be very calm in making lazy questions because it is easy to get confused between songs with similar melodies.
  • If you want to double your score on a question, use the Double Score skill. If you want to freeze time for a second, use the Freeze Time skill. You can also use the Delete Answer skill to remove incorrect answers or the Talent Bomb to make your opponent react for three seconds.
Have Fun!