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How to play:
  • You control the Sonic character to move using the arrow keys.
  • Press the spacebar to increase the character's running speed.
  • Try to move smartly to collect as many gold rings as possible.
  • Pay attention to flying bullets that may hit your character.


A game about the character Sonic is an entertaining 3D game for players who love the Sonic character. You will control the character Sonic to collect golden rings to compete with other players.


Trying to get your Sonic to the highest score on the leaderboard is your goal in this game. To get bigger and stronger, you must collect golden rings. Additionally, you must avoid falling or being hit by your opponent's ring.

Here are some tips for you

  • Collecting as many golden rings as possible will help you make Sonic bigger and stronger. The rings you collect can be used to enhance Sonic's abilities, such as his speed, throwing power, and endurance.
  • To eliminate opponents from the game, you should throw rings at them. You can throw the ring at many angles to improve your chances of reaching the target. Additionally, you can throw the rings into the air to form surprising shapes.
  • It's best to avoid getting hit by your opponent's rings because you'll have to start over from the beginning if you get hit. You can use your rings to block or move quickly to avoid the rings.
  • To level up and hone your talent, you should play multiple times. For more fun and competitiveness, you can also play with your friends.
Have Fun!