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How to play: is a multiplayer arena where you will have to take down your opponents with your spinning blade. Explore different levels to become the strongest.

You must collide with the other blades in order to knock them out of the ring and win the game! You must be cautious, though, since you can get knocked unconscious, and if this occurs, the level will be failed. Each kill you get will be announced, and if you get a combo kill, it will be announced as well, the more you kill, the higher your combo. The announcements range from 1 kill to legendary where you kill more than 5 opponents. The announcements range from 1 kill to legendary where you kill more than 5 opponents.

In the game, you may collect resurrection coins, which will allow you to respawn if you are knocked out. The more opponents you defeat, the larger your blade will get, and if you manage to clash frequently with other blades, you will also receive a boost, which allows you to gain a better understanding of your opponents, allowing you to defeat them more quickly. Each level you finish will fill the chest bar, which you can then open to receive a free skin! There are a lot of skins to test in the game!

There are also leagues in the game, you begin in the first league and may progress through them by winning levels. Each level you complete earns you a star, and if you get enough stars, you will be promoted to the next league! Are you ready to be the champion of spinning blades?


  • Explore fascinating 3D graphics
  • Revive mode when collecting coins
  • Discover new skins and skins


On the computer:

Use the mouse to control the blade

On the phone:

Use your finger to control the blade

Have Fun!